Corporate Apparel Pain Points

Tell Us Where It Hurts

Here’s ten common points of pain that you may be facing with your currentcompany apparel contract. See how we can help.

01 Pain Point

Unpredictable Delivery Times

Confusion. Questions. Frustration. Unreliable delivery schedules create so many headaches.

Our Solution: Routine (Fast!) Weekly DeliveriesTry some consistency on for size! Clothes arrive exactly one week from your established order cutoff day. If your company sets Tuesday as your order cutoff day, any order received on or before that day will arrive the following Tuesday. Every time. Clear, reliable—easy.

02 Pain Point

Time-Consuming Distribution

Do you really have hours upon hours to sort through boxes of shirts to find the right order to distribute to each employee? We didn’t think so.

OUR SOLUTION: Streamlined DistributionDon’t spend another second sorting and consolidating clothing for distribution to employees. We clearly label each order by employee name package bulk orders alphabetically. Or, we can even ship orders directly to employee homes to eliminate distribution altogether.

03 Pain Point

Laborious Administrative Process

Creating and collecting order forms. Managing spreadsheets, order approvals, and payroll deductions. Double-checking orders. Sounds like a lot of work to us.

OUR SOLUTION: Easy Online Ordering Portal Put the power (and the responsibility) back into your employees’ hands. Our industry-leading online portal allows employees to select their own sizes and styles. With Integrated allotment and wardrobe management, you can handle additional sales through credit card or payroll deduction. All you have to do is set the offerings and add new employees to the program.

04 Pain Point

Blackhole Customer Support

Unresponsive, uninformed customer support personnel who know nothing about you or your Apparel Program can make you feel like you’re stuck in a blackhole. Or the Twilight Zone.

OUR SOLUTION: A Dedicated Account ManagerEvery customer gets a dedicated, at-the-factory Signatures Account Manager. Our account managers are focused on Wowing you by how easy they can make your experience. Need eyes on your order to ensure its right or additional assistance for events or promotional orders? Your dedicated account manager acts as your main point-of-contact, providing all this and more.

05 Pain Point

Inconsistent Logos

Your team should look like a team—but too many corporate apparel companies are satisfied with sloppy design standards, variation in logo colors, and inconsistent logo placement on garments.

OUR SOLUTION: In-house, Standardized ProductionYour brand standards matter to us. Our in-house graphic artists and logo digitizers establish internal, documented standards. This attention to detail is coupled with our standardized, LEAN, in-house print and embroidery production to ensure consistency on every garment we supply.

06 Pain Points

Limited Style Offerings

Your employees deserve comfortable clothing that fits! Too many apparel companies leave out Ladies, Tall, and Big styles or just have the wrong apparel for the job.

OUR SOLUTION: Extensive Offerings and Large Wardrobes We carry corporate apparel, workwear, scrubs and safety gear. Our professional apparel experts will help you establish an offering for every workgroup, navigating hundreds of brands and more than 50,000 styles to create the largest wardrobes in the industry. Signatures can meet the diverse needs of your teams while achieving your brand image and budgetary constraints.

07 Pain Point

Worn-out Uniforms

Years of cleaning in a rental program take their toll. You work hard to keep your brand from fading—your corporate apparel shouldn’t be faded, either.

OUR SOLUTION: Purchased Apparel ProgramsA laundered apparel program seems convenient, but in reality most employees don’t need or use the service. Instead, we’ve created the convenience of a rental program in a purchased program, giving your team yearly allotment refreshes at a lower cost than a rental program. Fresh, new clothes every year ensure your employees always represent your organization well.

08 Pain Point

Rigid, Long-Term Contracts

No accountability. No flexibility to adjust to your changing business needs. Many apparel companies require three to eight year contracts that only serve their needs, not yours.

OUR SOLUTION: No ContractsNope, not with us. We don’t require contracts because we don’t need to lock you in to keep your business. Our track record gives us confidence that we can earn your business month-to-month with no contracts, no set-up fees*, no monthly maintenance fees* and no minimum order sizes. You can easily adjust and adapt your apparel program with your changing business needs.

*With qualifying yearly team allotments

09 Pain Points

Required Minimums

You buy lots of the same style, building an onsite inventory that always runs out of one or two sizes, requiring you to buy another bulk purchase. And the cycle goes on and on.

OUR SOLUTION: No Minimum Purchase Quantities Bulk order requirements keep you stuck in the spin cycle. With our Online Apparel Portal you or your employees can buy as little as one garment. No minimums! No need to feel locked into a specific style or color to minimize inventory! No minimums and weekly deliveries eliminate the need for extensive onsite inventory while allowing you to choose colors, styles, and sizes.

Pain Points - Detail

10 Pain Points

Un-answerable Employee Questions

You keep feeling stuck in the middle. Questions about order status, returns, delivery date, and logins require more calls and emails for you and eat up your day.

OUR SOLUTION: Direct Employee SupportEvery customer receives a 1-800 employee support line and a support email address to assist your employees directly. Our employee support will answer any of your employee specific order questions to take the burden off of you.