Pain Points

Tell Us Where It Hurts

Here’s seven common points of pain that you may be facing with your current apparel contract. See how we can help.

Pain Points - Time


Do you feel like you spend more time managing clothing orders than you do actually doing your job?

You Say: “I hate when it’s time to order our uniforms, because it means that I’m going to spend hours taking orders, and making sure everyone is covered. And then I get to spend more time organizing and delivering every piece when it comes in. It’s too much.”

We Say: Our program is specifically designed to take the burden off your plate, resulting in an efficient, streamlined apparel program that delivers more with less of your time.

Pain Points - Detail


Do you feel like no matter how much attention you pay to each apparel order within your company that someone is always unhappy, or something always goes wrong?

You Say: “No matter how much time and energy I spend making sure I order everything that everyone wants, something always comes back wrong. And I’m the one who has to deal with it.”

We Say: Our goal—every single time—is that your orders come through seamlessly. If, in the small chance something is wrong, we provide support emails and phone number for your employees to call, ensuring that you can spend time doing what you need to do.

Pain Points - Brand Quality


Do you feel frustrated that your vendors always seem to skimp over your brand standards and make your logo look less than ideal?

You Say: “We’ve ordered shirts from this company for three years now. You’d think that by now they’d know that our logo is always PMS 295.”

We Say: We’ve got your back; our quality control system ensures that your brand will always be right, no matter how many apparel options you have, or logos you use.

Pain Points - Distribution


Do you dread the passing out of merchandise from one massive box, and the pursuant argument about needing another size, not to mention the hours of staff time it takes to distribute to the employees?

You Say: “The delivery came in yesterday, which means today my office will look like a tornado hit it until I get it sorted out.”

We Say: Our customized delivery options make the giant box dig a thing of the past, giving you options of how specialized you want each item packed and delivered, to whom and to what location.

Pain Points - Knowledge


Do you feel like you know more about your corporate apparel program than your vendor does?

You Say: “We order the same shirts every time—why does my account rep never remember what color and brand we have?”

We Say: You’ll always know your brand better than a vendor, but we’re not just any vendor. Our quality control ensures that there will never be a question as to whether or not your logo is right. It’s just…right.

Pain Points - Contracts


Do you hate having to sign the three- to eight- year contract, just to keep your employees in quality apparel?

You Say: “Sure, they’ll launder the clothes for us, but this five-year contract seems like a long time to commit to anybody.”

We Say: We hate that, too, which is why we don’t require any contracts. Sure, we’ll sign one if you need it for your end, but we’d rather earn your business every day than make promises once every few years and coast on by the rest of the time.

Pain Points - Cost and Affordability


Do you feel like you’re throwing money away each year renting uniforms, corporate apparel or safety gear?

You Say: “I feel like I’m throwing money into our apparel program all the time, but in the end we have nothing to show for it!”

We Say: Then don’t. That’s silly. You can purchase Uniform Apparel with us for the same (or significantly lower) cost as you can rent with someone else, and then you don’t have to get into those contracts, the back-and-forth, and all the other stuff that comes along with it.