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Signatures Apparel featured on Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels

April 13, 2021

In early January 2021, we were wrapping up a leadership meeting by discussing the importance of envisioning and manifesting success, positive growth and new opportunities in our business! You can imagine our surprise when about 20 minutes later we received a cold call from an Executive Producer from Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels. The show was looking to feature a South Carolina manufacturing facility that specialized in the apparel industry and they found Signatures Apparel from a simple Google search!

The irony of the timing was not lost on us and in complete unison, we agreed that this was certainly an opportunity we wanted to take advantage of, and so the preparation began! A few weeks later, after many phone calls, internal meetings, and script revisions, the film crew came for a visit, where they spent a full day filming our business, team members and production capabilities. It made for a long day, but one we were so excited to participate in. Our team showed up big time across the board to accommodate the needs of the film crew to ensure they were able to best capture a day in the life of Signatures Apparel!

It is so easy to become immersed in your own day-to-day world, of which we are certainly guilty. 2020 was a crazy year and we were busier than ever, which meant we made less time than we would’ve liked to stop, take a step back, and refocus on the bigger picture. However, being able to see the birds-eye-view version of our business and share this with our team, families and customers, has been one of the greatest experiences for us! Working with the Manufacturing Marvels team was an exciting and inspiring way to come into 2021. It has reminded us of all we do, all we’re capable of and all we’re growing towards!

To catch a glimpse into our business, check out our feature here: