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WBE Certified!

Signatures Completes WBE Certification!

May 26, 2020

Please join us in celebrating the completion of the rigorous process for Signatures Apparel to become WBENC – WBE Certified! After quite the wait, much commitment and dedication, and a whole lot of paperwork, Signatures Apparel is officially certified as a Women Owned Business in the United States!

Why does this matter, you ask? There are many reasons our CEO and Owner, Jennifer Paradis, wanted Signatures Apparel to become WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) certified. For starters, being WBE certified is one of the most widely respected and acknowledged certifications a business can have today. This certification recognizes women owned businesses like Signatures Apparel as part of a traditionally underrepresented group of businesses. This certification opens Signatures up to a wide variety of opportunities and gives us the chance to work with the federal, state and local governments, as well.

Companies from across the country are establishing supplier diversity initiatives that require their customers and suppliers to meet various diversity specifications. These diversity initiatives save both large and small corporations money by driving competition in the market. They allow for and support innovation and creativity in more agile small businesses, as well as create a large opportunity for growth and development in the business community. When companies create supplier diversity within their own supply chains, they may also open the door to benefits to their bottom line! As these organizations report their diverse supplier spend, they may receive tax breaks and incentives to reduce tax liabilities at the federal and state levels.

We are beyond proud of this certification and look forward to the opportunities it brings to our business and our customers as well!