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Branded Apparel Solutions

Go Beyond the Uniform with Signatures Apparel

We elevate your brand image, every time, everywhere.

Branded Apparel Solutions

Go Beyond the Uniform with Signatures Apparel

We elevate your brand image, every time, everywhere.

At Signatures Apparel, we don't just offer custom uniforms — we deliver branded apparel solutions that elevate and celebrate your brand.

We provide a range of solutions, from uniform program management to custom event apparel, uniforms for franchisees and franchisors, and a variety of branded promotional products. Our aim is to help you elevate your brand while reducing the burden associated with this task.

This promise is embodied in our unique 4 Element Apparel Program. Built on the pillars of customization, brand consistency, efficiency, and simplicity, the program streamlines any corporate apparel management process.

Easiest ordering process
We offer flexibility in ordering methods, so the ordering process is easy and convenient.
Widest range of sizes & capabilities
We offer thousands of options for your employees—from color, to product, to different department functions and clothing styles—so there’s no reason to sacrifice individuality for organizational unity.
Guaranteed quality & delivery
We offer individualized packaging and labeling which eliminates the hassle of sorting through orders and attaching them to the right employee.

Unveiling Our 4 Elements

We believe your apparel program shouldn’t be a burden, so we created a 4-element program that makes corporate apparel simple.

Custom Defined Garment Offerings

Order for style or order for functionality... we have it all.

There are thousands of options for your employees—from color, to product, to different department functions and clothing styles—but there’s no reason to sacrifice individuality for organizational unity. With tens of thousands of options, we can consult on your organization's best corporate apparel options, allowing you and your staff to have the best of both worlds.


Brand & Logo Management

Looking on-brand never felt so easy.

Our adherence to your brand standards eliminates issues like varying logo use, upholding uniformity across all branded corporate apparel. Our in-house art department not only ensures branding consistency in existing uniform programs, but also keeps supplying fresh ideas that align with your brand guidelines. Whether it's your 20-year anniversary, a safety milestone, a company family day, or a unique customer giveaway, we ensure you stay on-brand and in-style.


Simplified, Efficient Ordering through Your Custom Company Portal

Order corporate apparel without the hassle.

Select one of four ordering methods to minimize your time and effort of managing a successful employee uniform program. And, yes, you heard it right—with no minimums. You don’t have to pay for more pieces than you need. 

Along with the option to order online, we also offer simple custom forms for new hires. Fill a form out, email it to us, and your new employee will get their order within 7-10 days.


Streamlined Distribution

Enjoy fast, personal deliveries.

Simplify your experience with individualized packaging and labeling, eliminating the hassle of sorting through orders. Quickly ramp up corporate apparel convenience via standard features like employee-specific packs and weekly quality-controlled shipments.

Online Ordering Platforms Customized to Your Industry

Our specialty is crafting custom work gear that transcends one-size-fits-all.

This is reflected not only in the wide range of apparel that we can customize, but also in the personalized online ordering platforms we create for our clients.

Whether you run a hotel, a factory, a bank, and even if you are an HR manager in a hospital—your online ordering platform will look differently, designed and tweaked to meet your industry's unique needs. Regardless of your field, we have the expertise to elevate your brand identity and make the ordering process easy for you.

Healthcare  •  Automotive  •  Hospitality  •  Finance  •  Education  •  Technology  •  Manufacturing  •  Franchises  •  Healthcare  •  Automotive  •  Hospitality  •  Finance  •  Education  •  Technology  •  Manufacturing  •  Franchises  •  Healthcare  •  Automotive  •  Hospitality  •  Finance  •  Education  •  Technology  •  Manufacturing  •  Franchises  •  

Ensure Your Event Leaves a Lasting Impression

Make your events memorable with custom event apparel and choose from a diverse range of promotional products ideal for conferences, employee recognition, new product launches, and trade shows.

With fast turnaround times, no minimum order quantities, and a consultative approach, we are your perfect partner for all your promotional needs.


Custom Uniforms & Branded Merchandise for Franchises

At Signatures Apparel, we understand the diverse needs of franchise businesses, and we’re here to provide comprehensive solutions for both uniforms and branded merchandise. Our tailored programs are designed to empower franchises with brand consistency, streamlined operations, and the flexibility to meet various promotional needs. Managing a uniform program across dozens of locations and thousands of employees can be tough, but from now on, it doesn't have to be.


A Superior Level of Service

The Signatures Commitment

Our passion goes beyond providing corporate wear and proves our dedication to delivering swift service, exceptional quality, and comprehensive support. The Signatures Commitment is more than a promise; it’s the foundation of a partnership where your corporate apparel program becomes a beacon of success, satisfaction, and team pride.

Signatures Apparel offered a much easier process that is user-friendly for our associates, accounting, and everyone else involved.

- Laura Townsend, GE Aerospace Lead Indirect Sourcing Manager