About Signatures

Competence breeds confidence, and confidence is what people are buying.

What happens when a manufacturing leadership team with more than 20 years of experience purchases a 25-year established apparel company?

In our case, a market leader emerges.

Since 1992, Signatures has established a competitive position in the corporate apparel and company logo embroidering industry. However, since Jennifer purchased the company in early 2016, she has transformed the company’s processes, culture and focus on service, quickly emerging as an industry leader. In doing so, Jennifer and her team have changed how corporate apparel programs function, and challenged the status-quo model that—for decades—kept the burden of apparel management on the client. As a Certified Woman Owned Business, Jennifer and her team are eager to serve you! 

Leading The Way with Constant Innovation

The result has been a shakeup in the corporate apparel industry through Signatures’ focus on constant innovation, unparalleled customer experiences and efficiency, a relentless pursuit of flawless execution (we’re not perfect, but we’re willing to die shooting for it!), and superior, transformative service. As a woman-owned company, Signatures not only provides an exceptional product alongside exceptional service—but can also add diversity to your overall purchasing program.

The Big Picture

Throughout your time with us—from meeting our team, to touring our facilities, to ordering and receiving deliveries—we believe you’ll find trust, honor, experience and caring at every turn. You’ll meet an experienced team that has cultivated (and fiercely protects) a culture built on these core values. From how we treat each other and our clients, to delivering on our promises, we do know this: You’ll discover at every turn a team member who sees the big picture.

Changing The Game For Our Clients

Our product isn’t simply a shirt or a hat. We care deeply that we’re part of a vision that’s transforming an outdated, fragmented, and unstructured industry through innovation and integrity, coupled with a consistent, repeatable process and the belief in a better way. We may not change the world, but we believe that we’re changing an industry, and making our clients’ organizations better and burden-free.


How you do anything
is how you do everything.

We believe in giving our best everyday, in everything we do.

Our Values

Our core values are what drive us, because we’ve found over the years that when values are clear, choices are easy. And when choices are easy, decisions can be made quickly, meaning that you’ll be able to foster a culture of innovation to thrive and becoming a critical part of a team’s ability to scale and grow.

Honesty icon


My Actions Earn Trust.

We foster trust environments, honoring each other’s gifts and talents through authentic caring and diligent follow-through on all projects in all relationships, believing honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

Village Mentality icon

Village Mentality

I contribute to the team.

We help one another, support each other through teamwork, we’re compassionate and we strive to understand others’ intentions and needs.

Passion icon


I am passionate about my work.

Passion is the fire of life and the fuel for drive, interest, commitment and intent. We are passionate about what we do, remembering that our work impacts people and culture.

Innovation icon


I create and grow.

We challenge the status quo, building and implementing new methods that improve and challenge ‘what’s possible.’ We stay naturally curious, and seek to understand how and why things are as they are in an effort to make them better.

Wow! icon


I wow others with my actions.

We continuously strive to WOW others with how well we do what we do. Realizing that how we do anything is how we do everything, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar on our performance.